Belt Size Guide

AMERICAN 26 in 28 in 30 in 32 in 34 in 36 in 38 in 40 in
EUROPEAN 65 cm 70 cm 75 cm 80 cm 85 cm 90 cm 95 cm 100 cm

Measuring Instructions
To find out what size belt you wear, follow these guidelines:
  1. First, decide whether you will be wearing the belt at your waist or on your hips (lower rise).
    This will affect the fit of the belt.
  2. For waist belts, measure around your natural waistline (just at the belly button).
    This is usually the smallest part of your torso.
  3. For hip belts, measure around the fuller part of your hips (not the fullest), where your low – rise jeans would fall.
    Note: Hip belts are carried in larger sizes so they can be worn on the hips.
  4. The measurement that you get is your belt size (in inches or centimeters).
    Note: See our size guide above for inch and centimeter equivalencies.
  5. The size of a belt indicates the measurement from the buckle prong (or other method of closure) to the middle hole of the belt.